Book Cover: Trusting a Highlander
Part of the The Soulmate Chronicles series:
  • Trusting a Highlander

After each life cycle, Catherine returns to the heavens for a new assignment. This time, she’ll be born in the Highlands of Scotland, and she’s thrilled to learn she’ll meet her soulmate. Circumstances will try to wrest them apart, but they must stand strong if they’re to live a happy life. There’s one drawback: Catherine won’t remember anything once she’s born...


Catherine is married to Henry Merrill, an abusive Englishman who resents her for her failure to bear him sons. Their one daughter means nothing to him, and though the bairn is sickly, he refuses to send for a healer. Desperate, Catherine ventures into the Highlands alone—intent on saving her only daughter—only to find herself in a life-threatening situation mere hours after she leaves the castle.


Revenge consumes Graeme MacGregor’s every thought. Henry Merrill attacked his castle and slayed his parents and brother in front of him, and he’s intent on paying the man back in kind. Finally, after years of training, he and his warriors are ready to mount their attack. But when he rides to Merrill land to conduct a final scouting mission, Graeme instead finds—and rescues—a beautiful lass facing sure death. The brave and feisty beauty reminds him that there’s a life beyond revenge, but everything changes when he finds out she is Merrill’s wife.



A clan war stands between them. Can fate bring them together?

Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

I can certainly see why Keira had to write this story. A great spectrum of living, and living, and living. Looking forward to Catherine and Graemes next adventure, whenever the story begins. Thoroughly enjoyed.

City of Angels on Amazon wrote:

BEAUTIFUL!! Heavenly.

I have read all of Ms. Montclair's books, and loved them all. This one, however is very special! If you believe in "magical, beautiful things", such as angels, or in Scotland's "the Fae", as in Highland Harmony.....then you will love this enchanting book!

Catherine and Graeme's story is beautifully written, and with the addition of this heavenly element, mingled throughout the book, it literally comes alive. The characters in this book add so much to this story. You easily get attached to them. This is a true love story.... magical and lovely. Give yourself a treat!! A little magic and a lot of love are good for the soul, after all, love is magical...right? Enjoy!!!

Pamela Davis on Amazon wrote:

Keira Montclair delivers again with another masterpiece. The characters are so vibrant and the storyline moves along nicely. It is a must read that is hard to put down. I finished the book in a little over three hours devouring each page. I'm know waiting patiently for the next book. A must read for anyone who loves highlander romances!