Book Cover: Torrian


Torrian Ramsay, future laird of the Ramsay clan, learned long ago not to take his family for granted. Without the love and devotion of his sire, he would never have survived the childhood illness that kept him abed for years. Now Torrian is a strapping lad, unrecognizable as the sickly laddie of his past, but one thing has not changed—he will still do aught in his power to make his sire proud. So when the King of the Scots asks him to enter into a betrothal with Davina Buchan, the daughter of a power-hungry laird, he feels he has no choice. Though Torrian is certain the lass’s family has hidden motives, his sire believes in following their king’s orders, and besides, the marriage will help keep peace in the Highlands.


Then Torrian meets Heather, a wild-haired lass who’s spent the past years living in nature with her wee daughter, away from any clan. With Heather, he discovers that love has a power as strong as duty. To marry as his heart desires, Torrian must prove that the Buchans are not what they seem, but time is not on his side. He will need to rely on his family and friends to help him convince his sire—and his king—that he should be allowed to make his own match.

Reviews:Ria Reader on Amazon wrote:

I recently took a chance on this author by reading Loki and now I'm hooked. Loki's story was great and this was so sweet. I have to read the next ones in the series. I have read these books in less than 2 days and stayed up till 2am finishing this one. If you truly are a helpless romantic read Loki and Torrain these brought a smile to my face. Happy reading I'm off to read Lilly the next book in the series.

Debi A. on Amazon wrote:

Keira will never disappoint you. She has you from the beginning of the story to the end. This book is filled with clever schemes, a wonderful cast of imaginative characters that is witty, deeply emotional, passion filled, masterfully woven, and an absolutely delightful and engrossing story. I highly recommend it and give it 10 stars.