Book Cover: Three Reasons to Love
Part of the The Summerhill series:
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Reviews:Linda W. on Amazon wrote:

True Love Can Heal!
I truly enjoyed this incredible story! The suspense and the love were so moving. I really enjoyed the touch of fantasy, bringing back some of my favorite characters from the Grant series.

Jutzie on Barnes & Noble wrote:

I loved this story. It's romance, suspense, and a touch of fantasy. The author brings some her characters from her Highlander series into the story, which I really enjoyed. I just feel she takes several different situations and blends them into a perfect ending.

Lauren Grant’s memories are split into two categories—before she was raped and after. The trauma of the attack has haunted her for years, making it hard to live a “normal” life. Her favorite coping mechanism is to escape into research books and romance novels about medieval Scotland, the subject of her graduate studies, but she pours every moment of her free time into running a support group for survivors of sexual assault. The work is rewarding, but it’s made her enemies—predators who don’t want their victims to receive help.


Still troubled by the car accident that claimed his mother’s life, Nate Patterson has devoted his life to saving people. He finds his work as a firefighter and EMT rewarding, but he feels emotionally distant from the people he saves…until he pulls Lauren Grant out of a burning building. There’s an instant connection between them—one that only grows—but the fire was no accident. Someone’s out to destroy Lauren, and he may be the only one who can help her unmask them.


Lauren can tell Nate’s her modern-day Highlander, noble and protective, but the danger she’s in seems impossible to surmount. Can two wounded people defeat the odds and find a real-life happily ever after?