The Duke and the Dressmaker
Pages: 242

Over the past six months, Lady Sara Downey lost her husband to another woman, found herself destitute, then discovered she was a widow. Fighting to survive, she opens a dress shop in London only to become the victim of a vicious blackmailer. 
Ever since his wife ran off with another man, Philip St. James, the sixth Duke of Brentwood, vows never to fall prey to the conniving female gender again. Imagine his surprise when a chance meeting finds him staring into the beautiful eyes of the widow of his ex-wife’s lover. While he’s able to fight the immediate attraction, his conscience and honor won’t allow him to ignore the fact she is being tormented by an unknown assailant. 
He promises to protect Lady Downey, but can he guard his heart from the sweet widow?


Reviews:Krista on Goodreads wrote:

I really did enjoy this book. It was a breath of fresh air from the predictable plot of many books place in this time period. A bit of romance, violence, and the drive. By drive--I mean that I read this book in literally one day and night. I wish it was part of a series! The main woman character is not some stupid little female from a good family and the main male is not a idiot ruled by his other head. It was a breath of fresh air, like I said, considering historical romance novels; I loved this book, honestly. If one is looking for an introduction to historical romance novels PICK THIS BOOK, it will ease your way into other books and you will understand (after reading this novel) better what you look for in a historical novel. Cheers.