The Brightest Star in the Highlands


Jennie Grant has always wished to be a healer, but when her clan becomes involved in the violence that has broken out across the Highlands, it shakes her belief in herself. She no longer knows if she can work in a trade where life and death exist in such a fine balance. Desperate to clear her head and spend some time away from the wounded men who crowd the sickroom in the Grant keep, she travels to Lochluin Abbey for sanctuary. But even there, she cannot escape her calling. The abbey sits on the land of the Cameron clan, and when the new chieftain is injured in battle, Jennie is the only person capable of saving him.

Though Aedan Cameron would sooner spend his life as a scholar, reading and watching the stars, than assume a leadership role in his clan, his father’s untimely death forces his hand. To make matters worse, he is immediately called upon to ride into battle to protect his land and his people. But everything changes for Aedan when a beautiful girl with a mind as curious as his own heals him. Suddenly he realizes he is capable of becoming the leader his father wanted him to be while still pursuing the stars. Aedan recognizes his soul mate in Jennie, but can their love survive the mysterious threat to his land?


Reviews:NavyWave62 on Amazon wrote:

l love this author!! Her writing keeps getting better and better. This has so many layers to it. Near the last 1/4 of the book, I thought it was over, and BANG another twists happens and you're on another journey.

I love our H and h, I felt a connection to them immediately. It's nice that the character's from the first book through this one and all the books in-between make an appearance. I would like to say this is a stand alone, but it wouldn't be fair to you the reader. Because you will get so much more out of the connections of all the character's if you understand the background of each.

This has so much warmth and love between all the siblings and the new character's. There is alot of intrigue, suspense and will keep you on the end of your seat.

I love how the romance builds slowly. There is lovemaking, just descriptive enough and filled with passion. There is HEA, no cliffhanger and the ending will be very satisfying. (ljb)

Tammie O. on Goodreads wrote:

I love everyone of the books in the Clan Grant Series .Keira Montclair is a wonderful writer and each story in the series is Unique .This story is about Jennie Grant the baby sister and healer of the Grant family .She is strong and smart but troubled from the sights and sounds of hurt and dying warriors. Jennie visits the Abby that's on Cameron land to get away from the sights and sounds of war, but doesn't get to rest long .The Cameron gets hurt and Jennie needs to heal him or he will die.They find they have similar interests in learning about things they love and fearing what they must become. The story was fast paced and never boring with lots of twist and turns. I can't wait for the next book but was sad to learn that it will be the last one in this series. Keira Montclair is definitely an author I will be looking for when I want a good book to read .