Book Cover: Sorcha
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Keira knocks it out of the park again with this story. I loved this book as I have with all her books related to this series. Characters grow older, younger ones come up thru the ranks and into their own. Every book is stand-alone but to fully enjoy read in sequence. But truth be told I hadn't. 😁 These are stories I will read over again. Sorcha is so much like her father, Logan and I love Cailean as her protector. I had to chuckle over how he gets Logan's horse in his time of need. Enjoy this author.

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Wonderful Read. Happy, Romantic story continuing the Clann's Ramsey and Grant Saga. Many twists and turns within the story, several surprises and a cliffhanger ending. Wowed by another spectacular novel by my favorite author Keira Montclair. Must Read.

Sorcha Ramsay is as willful as she is beautiful, and she has mastered the art of convincing others to do her bidding. She coerces a few guards to bring her on a hunting trip, but when an unidentified archer targets them, Sorcha is restricted to the castle grounds. Worse, she’s assigned a lout of a guardian—Cailean, the maddeningly handsome guard who saved her from the archer—until her sire returns from a visit to the Grants. How can she show her sire, the infamous Logan Ramsay, she’s grown up if she’s not allowed her freedom?


Though he intends never to marry, Cailean finds himself captivated by Sorcha’s beauty and brash charm. He’s determined to keep her safe from the archer, whether she wants him to or not. Then Sorcha’s sire returns with news that has the potential to ignite the Highlands: Laird Alexander Grant has been badly injured. Trouble is brewing, and the archer, who may or may not be connected to a larger plot against the Ramsays and the Grants, continues to target Sorcha.


As the danger mounts and Cailean and Sorcha are brought together again and again, their heated attraction becomes a deeper connection. But can Cailean convince Logan, the most fearsome man in the Highlands, that he is a worthy match for his firstborn daughter?