One Summerhill Day
Part of the The Summerhill series:

A warm contemporary romance.

When Caitlyn McCabe leaves her cheating husband, she has nowhere to call home. But chance, circumstance, and a touch of magic bring her to Summerhill, a small town in western New York. There she meets Ryan Ramsay, a handsome army vet who returned from Iraq with physical and emotional wounds. The connection she feels with him is instant, encouraging her to believe once more in the possibility of love. But while Caitlyn’s fresh start has all the makings of a wonderful new beginning, an unknown enemy starts harassing her, threatening not just her happiness, but her very existence.

In many ways, Ryan Ramsay has a full life—his job on the police force gives him meaning and he loves his large, boisterous Scottish-American family. But his experiences in the war left an indelible mark on him, and he believes he will never meet a woman who can accept him, scars and all. With Caitlyn McCabe, he dares to hope otherwise. There’s no pity in her eyes when she looks at him, and her loving heart promises to help heal his own. So when a threat to her life arises, he is desperate to do everything in his power to protect her.

Can Caitlyn and Ryan find happiness and healing together in Summerhill, or will the danger looming over Caitlyn destroy them both?

This novel is a full-length stand alone novel. No cliffhanger!

Reviews:Judith on Goodreads wrote:

Having read the five Clan Grant novels and having come to appreciate this author's work, I was delighted to read this contemporary romance and especially after discovering that characters from the Highland historical series would make brief appearances. Such a good story and one that brought in themes that many contemporary women must face. Having worked as a nurse many years ago, I know well the sense of connection which grows out of close working conditions and that working relationships can seem to be closer friendships than they really are. I learned that truth the hard way. I have been in a helping profession for decades and appreciate that human interaction can be very complex. The author addressed some sensitive issues with grace and I think with a sense of honesty as she developed the main characters in this novel. There are moments of joy balanced with grief, pain over loss and that sense of failure we often experience when our best efforts on behalf of our loved ones are inadequate in the face of addiction, massive injury, or misunderstanding. This story deals with all of that. Yet with the charm of an intrepid visitor from the past, the authentic friendship of caring people and the discoveries one's own strengths, the characters in this story remind us of the best individuals can demonstrate even in dire straits. A fantastic read that deserves to be experienced and enjoyed

S Davis on Amazon wrote:

I have read all of the highland romance books written by this author. This was my first modern day romance novel from Keira Montclair. I simply loved it from beginning to end. It was so great how this story revolved around the Grants and Ramsey's. I love reading their stories!