Book Cover: Molly
Reviews:Judy on A Great Addition to the Highland Clan Series wrote:

Keira Montclair's latest addition to the Highland Clan Series is one of her best! I love reading about the Grant and Ramsay Clans and now Ithe 2nd generation is as exciting to read about as the 1st was. Molly is not only a sweet love story but is also full of adventure, family loyalty and honor and is a wonderful addition to this series. I know I will enjoy rereading this story!

Amazon Customer on Fast paced and riveting wrote:

Keira has done it again. Molly's story shows that besides your beginnings, with the love of family and the love of that special person in your life, you can reach for the stars. Thank you for never disappointing. Onward to our next adventure.

A fierce lass and a bold warrior; both wish for glory, but love finds them first.


While other lasses dream of handsome Highlanders, Molly wishes for nothing more than to make her adoptive parents proud. She’ll never forget that Logan and Gwyneth Ramsay, famed spies for the Scottish Crown, saved her from a lifetime of servitude. So when Ranulf MacNiven threatens the Ramsay clan yet again, Molly is determined to catch him for her parents. There’s only one problem. The Grants have sent a group of guards to help search for the outlaw, and one of them—a handsome, braw lad who makes Molly’s heart pound faster—is as intent on gaining glory as she is...


For years, Tormod Moriston has longed to prove himself to his sire. When his laird asks him to join a mission to capture Ranulf MacNiven, he’s certain the opportunity he’s always yearned for has arrived. But naught goes as planned. Molly Ramsay, the daughter of the man helming the mission, is as kind and comely as she is fierce and cunning. Tormod is tempted to open his heart to her. But Molly longs for the same recognition he does. Will loving her mean giving up his dream?


When MacNiven makes his cruelest attack yet, Molly and Tormod must work together to take down Scotland’s most elusive villain—and each must decide what they want most: love or glory.