Love Letters From Largs


After enduring years of her nobleman father’s cruelty and abuse, Celestina Lunde is ready to take her own life rather than enter into an arranged marriage with an equally brutal man. But just when she is about to leap through the window of her tower bedroom, a brawny Highland warrior arrives at her home and changes everything…

Summoned to the royal castle by the King of the Scots, who is preparing for war with the Norse, Brodie Grant’s mind is on battle when he first spies the breathtaking Celestina perched on a window ledge. The sadness in her eyes makes him turn his horse around against his laird’s orders. He intends only to save the lovely lass, but after touching her once, he can think of nothing and no one else. There’s one problem: Celestina’s intended is an important man, and the king has just as much at stake in her arranged marriage as her father does. Will Brodie be able to do as he’s ordered and stay away?

A testament to love’s ability to transcend the most harrowing of obstacles, Love Letters from Largs is the emotional story of two soul mates who are determined to be together when everyone around them seems intent on pulling them apart.

Reviews:Jee on Amazon wrote:

What a wonderful love story, and very hard to put down once you start. It is a fast paced story, and Brodie and Celestina's characters captured my heart from the beginning, and continued throughout their story. I loved Loki, and look forward to his story some day. Loved the book, it leaves a smile on your face when it ends. Excellent job Keira, you continue to outdo yourself. Each story gets better and better! Can't wait for your next book!

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?
I did listen to it in one setting I listen to on the way to work I put earplugs in at work so I could listen to it and I listen to it all the way home and I didn't even turn the TV on fantastic book

Connie R on Amazon wrote:

A wonderful Scottish Story

Wait till you meet Lucky Loki. Another great love story by Kiera Montclair. This series makes me cry tears of joy and tears of pain. It takes you through the whole spectrum of emotion. I hope there are more.