Book Cover: Loki's Christmas Story

Loki Grant has never been happier. The winter solstice is almost upon Castle Curanta, his wife is carrying their second babe, his sons are a constant joy, and his new clan is slowly but surely growing. So why is he being kept awake by a recurring dream of an old man in furs? When he discovers his adopted son, Kenzie, is dreaming of the same man, the two embark on a voyage to find him.


After his mother’s death, Fergus MacNicol has felt restless and out of sorts. When Loki and his son pass through Grant land on their way to Ayr on a mysterious mission, he’s driven to go with them. Something tells him this is the path that will lead him to his destiny—the woman who has filled his waking thoughts and his dreams for many moons.


When the group arrives in Ayr, they will meet Bor, the very man who’s filled Loki and Kenzie’s dreams. Bor’s surprising message will change their lives and give them a new understanding of the meaning of family and the solstice holiday.



Reviews:Ria Reader on Amazon wrote:

Tears,laughter,joy. This book has it all Wow what a beautiful way to start our holidays sunscreens in the spirit of merriment. If you haven't read Keira's books after reading this one you will want to read them all. Kenzie and Loki's adventure takes us on a magical and touching journey. You will cry and you will definitely laugh. Then there is another touching story all on its on about two people one who has suffered and another looking to give love I won't ruin it but I'm so happy they have each other and their new clan. This book is about the misfits that will be loved and never be alone again. Happy Reading! Can't wait for the next story in Keira 's land.

McIn on Amazon wrote:

I loved this story! I loved the plot this author created for not only Loki and Kenzie, but for Fergus and Davina. This whole story warmed my heart. What a phenomenal holiday story. I look forward to the next story in this series.