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Lily Ramsay is the sunshine at the center of the Ramsay clan. Even as a wee lassie, sick with a childhood illness, she had the power to spread smiles and laughter wherever she went. But when Lily’s beloved brother marries and becomes laird of the clan, Lily feels lost. Her once steadfast companion has little time for her, and his new wife has assumed the duties she used to carry out for the clan. While she couldn’t be happier for her loved ones, she longs for something more for herself. In truth, she longs for her brother’s best friend—the braw warrior she’s loved all her life.


Kyle Maule has made it his mission to do aught he can to honor his sire’s legacy. His appointment as the new Ramsay laird’s second is a dream come true, but Lily Ramsay’s beauty and irrepressible spirit threaten to make Kyle forget himself and fumble on the job. Desperate to do his duty to his laird and his fallen sire, Kyle tries to quell his feelings for Lily—to protect her without succumbing to the desire to be with her. But Lily is not the sort of lass to be held at arm’s length. When an unexpected threat befalls her, Kyle will have to decide to either let her in all the way or step away from her forever.


Reviews:Lisa on Amazon wrote:

Reading Lily's story truly captured her sweet nature. Loving someone for so long can be sweet, confusing, frustrating and frightening. Kyle was true to character with his desire to make his father proud with the promise his father asked on his death bed. Lily overcoming all the obstacles of severe illness to become the woman she is today was a joy to read and to read about her gift with animals touched my heart. Lily's story was a book I couldn't put down and won't want to either. Happy Reading

KElizabeth on Amazon wrote:

I always hold my breath waiting for Keira Montclair to add to her wonderful series of spectacular stories! The author sent me this copy in exchange for my honest opinion on Lily's story. I'm a bit late in reading and reviewing as I seem to have crippled my first kindle in some way, or exhausted it reading as many books as possible and listening to the audio books as well. One really big difference in Mrs. Montclair's books from most, is that she so seamlessly weaves real life situations, like Lily, who even reminds me of myself to a great degree. She tackles so many difficult or harsh situations in life with so much grace. I don't like to spoil the story for subsequent readers, but I will say, that this author's stories stand out, like a beacon of hope, for any of me who has experienced any of the topics she incorporates into her stories. I am the "Dreamer", like Lily, going through life dancing to my own drummer, yet being valuable and gifted in my own way. I would easily recommend any and all of Keira Montclair's books, as well as her audio books. I love being able to hear the variety of character's voices and accents. I feel like I'm watching a movie in my head, my reason for loving to read. I'd say these are a must read, because if not, you'll really miss a great experience, in my opinion.