Journey to the Highlands


Captain Robbie Grant has always had a way with the lasses, but his warrior’s heart is too married to the battlefield to seek out a wife. Then Robbie saves a mysterious beauty from a Norse attacker. He knows little about Caralyn Crauford beyond that she has a damaged past and two wee daughters, but he volunteers to bring her and the lasses to a priory where they will be safe from the oncoming battle. The last thing he expects is for Caralyn to give him a night of unrestrained passion and then disappear. But when she does, he is determined to find her.

After spending years under the thumb of men who cared only about her comeliness, Caralyn no longer knows who she is or why she matters. The only thing she cares about is the welfare of her daughters. But when Captain Robbie Grant enters her life, she dares to want something more. At first she’s just grateful to the handsome Highlander, but his noble nature and kind heart endear her to him. The night they spend together only confuses her more, but Caralyn has no time to sort through her feelings because her past rears its ugly head and threatens to ruin her.

Robbie will stop at nothing to rescue Caralyn and her lasses and bring them to the safety of the Highlands, but will Caralyn be able to heal the wounds of her past enough to let herself be loved?

Reviews:Kindle Customer on Amazon wrote:

I loved this story. The story is not your typical virgin meets highlander love story. This is a story of a man truly loving a woman with a past. Mature and engaging.

Remsing on Amazon wrote:

The Journey to the Highlands is a wonderful read - fast paced, dealing with real issues including abductions, white slavery, batterers, and the refreshing breath of kindness from Highlanders! Robbie is enchanted by Caralyn's, a woman badly abused by the men in her life. Caralyn does whatever necessary to protect her daughters, losing herself in the process! This is a DO READ!!