Book Cover: Jamie and Gracie


Life can be short and brutal in the Highlands, and Jamie Grant is determined to make the most of it. Filled with a longing he cannot put into words, he leaves his clan to help his cousins, who are on a mission for the Scottish Crown. Though he has not yet told his sire, the great Alexander Grant, he plans to become a spy for the Crown if all goes well. A life of action and adventure is exactly what he wants—or so he thinks. His thoughts keep turning toward home, and his uncle’s beautiful adopted daughter, Gracie.


Gracie is reputed to be the most comely lass in the Highlands, but she shuns the attention. Being useful to her adopted clan matters more to her than being beautiful. Her dream is to have a family of her own, but the only man her heart yearns for is Jamie Grant, who seems as desperate to leave the Grants as she is to stay. When a mysterious, commanding baron courts her, she’s wrought with confusion—she doesn’t wish to leave home, but to refuse him offhand would be a dangerous insult that could endanger the clan she loves.


Jamie realizes that the life he wants has been in front of him all along, but has he waited too long?

Reviews:KElizabeth Green on Amazon wrote:

Excellent book, as always! Keira Montclair and Paul Woodson never disappoint! I had put off reading this book because I knew the characters were growing older and I wasn't ready to let go of any of the elders yet. I realize now that that was not necessarily a certainty. Paul Woodson always gives us a five star performance to go with a five star book. This is a fabulous series so I'd easily recommend the entire series to everyone. Don't put off reading or listening to this wonderful book. The series continues in fine form! Excellent experience! 😀

Kindle Customer on Amazon wrote:

I cant get enough of this clan and all the clans in their family tree. This book is another wonderful standalone story but I highly recommend starting with Alex and Maddie's story at some point and delving into all the wonderful couples that are woven into strong, binding plaids.
In the first book you are there at the birth of the twins of which Jamie is one of. In another you will find when Gracie and her family join the Grants. Get all the books and cuddle up with some braw highlanders and strong women on these cold nights.