Book Cover: Jake
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

Jake Ramsay, eldest son of the chief of Clan Grant, has always felt the weight of his sire’s shadow. Tales of Alexander Grant’s prowess are whispered throughout the Highlands, and Alex’s loving marriage to Jake’s mother, Maddie, is equally legendary. Jake’s not sure he can live up to his birthright, but when he rescues a beautiful, strong-willed lass from a horrible fate, such concerns start to seem inconsequential. He becomes consumed with the need to protect the lass, Aline, and punish the man who hurt her.

The past two years of Aline’s life have been pure misery. A wicked man stole her from her home and then controlled and used her. But when Jake, the handsome Highlander who rescued her, brings her to the Grant keep, she feels like she’s entered a fairy tale. The Grants welcome her into their hearts and home, but while she wishes more than anything to stay, her abuser is not the only one she left behind. She must return to the wretch’s keep.

In his quest to save Aline, Jake discovers her abuser is in league with another man, one with violent ambitions in the Highlands. In order to save his clan and his love, he will have to stop worrying about his sire’s legacy and start creating one of his own.

Reviews:Gail Z. on Goodreads wrote:

I love following the families and everything they go through. I must say, Jake is a caring man who tries to work through everything. A great read.

Maria on Goodreads wrote:

Loved it, loved it! Jake and Aline's story was really fast pace for me, which is great. It means it was so good I had to keep turning pages. The abuse in Aline's life is truly bad and it did remind me of Maddie, but also of some of the other women.
I really liked witnessing Jake's journey in comprehending his father most of all and really growing as a man. Alex is the greatest Highlander for a reason and he is Jake's father. Loki and his son bring also laughter to the story.
Get this book and enjoy!