Highland Harmony

Avelina Ramsay despairs that she will never fall in love. Though every lad she meets is entranced by her comeliness, shyness prevents her from speaking with them. Part of what silences her is the fear that beauty is all she has to offer. She longs for something more, for a deeper calling and sense of purpose, for a stronger connection with a lad. Desperate for help, Lina leaves home to stay with Jennie Cameron, her closest childhood friend. There, at the Cameron keep, Lina will meet the Highlander of her dreams and discover that her destiny is much richer than she ever could have dreamed.

As soon as he encounters Avelina Ramsay, Drew Menzie feels an overwhelming need to protect her. Never before has he met a lass who is at once so comely, so kind, and so strong. For reasons he keeps to himself, Drew does not wish to settle down and take a wife, but he cannot deny that Lina calls to him like no other lass. So when a neighboring clan threatens her, he steps forward to act as her protector. Little does he know that protecting Lina will prove a complicated task, for she has newly discovered otherworldly abilities that both set her apart and make her a target.

Lina and Drew have the potential for a blissful, harmonious future, but conflict is about to shake the Highlands—and Lina is fated to play a pivotal part in the outcome.

Reviews:Maria on Goodreads wrote:

What a fantastic end to the Clan Grant series with Avelina Ramsay and Drew Menzie's story. There was not a slow moment in the entire story. A true testament to this fantastic author, Keira Montclair. She takes us on a complex journey within the Highlands. These two each have things that happened to them, which have made them into two flawed individuals. Angelina loses her speech when around men who are not within her family circle. Therefore, suffering consequences from someone who sees her weakness. Drew, drinks in excess and indulges with women to get away from what haunts him. Each flees to their best friends clan. Drew's best friend is Aaeden and Lina's is Jenny. Jenny and Aaedan are married. There are several twists and turns. There is suspense throughout, along with longing and passion. There is also a mystical element. It was well incorporated.

One of the things I loved in this last story of the series, is the author included all of the main characters from all 8 books including their children. It truly was phenomenal. It did not take away from the hero and the heroine.

For someone, such as myself, who has read all 8 stories it was truly delightful. I am happy to know the new series, which will be about the descendants of those from the Clan Grant Series, will start with Loki's story. I truly look forward to this new series.

Thank you to this great author. If I could rate this higher, I would do so without question.

Sue on Goodreads wrote:

Book Eight - Final Book in Clan Grant series

My heart is broken. As I read the last words on the last page I felt the tear...I had to leave all these people behind me. I KNOW they are not real. I KNOW these are just characters in books. But, in my heart, I feel a connection to these people who MIGHT have lived in the 1200's...in Scotland...