Book Cover: Bethia
Reviews:Tori on Amazon wrote:

Keira Montclair again delivers a book that will keep you occupied for hours, so plan accordingly. A hidden gem is right in plain sight, but it takes one special woman to see it. His love to unlock something very powerful in her. Keira does this while keeping you guessing on what is going to occur... for a fantastic read, settle in!

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

I have all of The Highland Clan and Clan Grant books. I've actually read them all at least ten times. When a new book comes out its like a holiday for me. Bethia continued the story of my favorite family. Really hoping that a second Soulmate Chronicle series will come out soon too. It's a new series that I'm really excited about. Thank you Keira Montclair!

Kathy Brickert on Goodreads wrote:

Each one of these books gets better and better! Th I s one especially resonated with me. In today's world outward appearance seems all that matters, when life teaches us to look at the heart for true character. Bethia is a heroine after my own heart! Loved the story! Hate to see this part of the story close, but am looking forward to the next chapter! Love the Ramseys and the Grants!

Bethia may be the former Ramsay laird’s daughter, but she fears she’ll never marry. She loves her cousins, but their beauty makes her feel plump and plain in comparison.  The lads never notice her like they do the others. She’s most confident when she’s nursing the clan’s animals back to health, yet her heart desires a family of her own. Then a man rushes to the castle gates, desperate for someone to save his dog, and Bethia’s simple life changes forever.


The tragedy in Donnan’s past ruined him. For the past two years, he has shunned his adopted clan. He now lives alone, beyond the castle gates, and associates only with his beloved dogs. But when one of the dogs is injured, and beautiful Bethia is the one who treats her, he realizes there may be room in his heart to love again. Her kindness is just the salve he needs to recover from the past—if he can bring himself to share his secrets with her.


The Ramsays’ enemy, Bearchun, watches them, eager to ruin the clan once and for all.  He’s certain that Bethia and Donnan might be the key to destroying them. But has he underestimated the two misfits?