Book Five

Book Cover: Ashlyn

Ashlyn was a wee lassie of eight summers when her mother brought her and her sister to live in the safety of Clan Grant. But despite the love and acceptance of her adoptive clan, Ashlyn is plagued by the past. Her continual nightmares—and her hatred of lads who hurt lasses—drive her to join the search for Ranulf MacNiven, an abuser of women. Ashlyn’s skills with the bow and her knowledge of MacNiven make her a natural fit for the mission, so her uncle, Chief Alexander Grant, gives her permission to join them, on one condition: she will be sent with a protector.


Magnus never thought he would marry again after losing his beloved wife, but Ashlyn Grant is one of a kind. Her fiery nature creates an answering fire within him, and he longs to soothe her hurts and help heal her soul. When his chief assigns him to protect Ashlyn, he is determined to do his job well, even though the lass will not let him touch her, let alone protect her.


To their mutual surprise, the more time Magnus spends with Ashlyn, the more he gets through to her. But can two people who are determined not to fall in love hope to forge a future together?

Reviews:Jasmine on Amazon wrote:

As an avid Keira reader, I love how this story had a bit of a different flow than many of the others. Because Ashlyn and Magnus started on a journey together right from the beginning, as a reader I felt like I developed a stronger bond for, and respect, of their love story.
Ashlyn is one strong, determined lass and I absolutely love seeing that in Keira's characters. Thank you, Keira!!

nanalanab on Amazon wrote:

Just as expected; another wonderful story of the beloved clans we have come to love. Ashlyn & Magnus, a wonderful new clan couple, helped each other forget & forgive their pasts.