A Fresh Start For Two
Part of the The Summerhill series:


Jake Ramsay returned from Iraq without any physical injuries, but the trauma of what he saw there haunts him still. A police officer by day, he spends much of his free time in pursuit of dangerous, high-octane hobbies—anything to help him forget his time in the military. A part of him realizes his behavior is destructive, but he feels no incentive to change. Then he meets Julia Ross, a gorgeous woman who’s engaged to a domineering man she doesn’t love. His protective instincts kick in, followed by the realization that he doesn’t just want to save her…he wants her to save him, too.

Julia feels as if she’s in a trap with no escape. Her family insists that she keep her engagement to her wealthy fiancé, but to do so would mean relinquishing her dreams. The debt she feels to her single mother is almost powerful enough for her to make that sacrifice, but then she meets Jake—a man who’s as kind, gentle, and considerate as Vincent is violent and controlling. But as soon as she starts drawing away from Vincent, it becomes clear that as far as he’s concerned, leaving him might be the last thing she ever does.

Together, Jake and Julia stand a chance to conquer their pasts and create a wonderful future, but will Vincent get in the way of their fresh start in Summerhill?


Reviews:J-Rae on Barnes & Noble wrote:

This book is a great read. Keira Montclair uses her nursing experiences to write great books. She shows her readers that they are not alone in their time of troubles. There is always some one to help. Jake and Julia have to find their way through trials to find love. Love this book.

Iread2xs on Amazon wrote:

A real page turner. Second book in the Summerhill series deals with the difficult subject of domestic abuse and stalking brilliantly, I should know. It is a realistic view of the fear, low self esteem, and fear of harm to other people you love that you go thru when dealing with an unstable person bent on "onwning you.
Jake Ramsay responds to a call of a disturbance at a local restaurant to find Julia Ross being verbally abused by her intoxicated fiance because she ordered the wrong wine. He is immediately attracted to her, and they are surprised to find that when the Sumner term starts at the local college they are in a class together.
Julia wants to break it off with her fiance but in addition to the fact that he won't let her go, her mother and sister are receiving expensive gifts from him and her mother tells her that it was her fault that her father died when she was 6 years old and that is why they are poor and must all work, Vincent is the answer to all their problems so Julia must be doing something wrong to make him angry.
As it usually does, the domestic abuse escalates, and when she tries to break up he resorts to stalking, the police get involved,
I'm not telling you any more!!
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