Here are my five reasons why I decided to make The Band of Cousins a different series:

  1. So the cast of characters will not be overwhelming for new readers. One of the complaints I often receive is that I have too many characters in my books. Huge casts of characters can often cause confusion for a reader. You won’t be visiting the entire clan in one book, though certain favorites will pop up occasionally.
  2. New life, new purpose. I wanted to focus on these seven characters: Maggie, Gavin, Gregor, David, Connor, Roddy, and Braden. I want to focus on how they work together toward a common goal instead of the usual skirmishes.
  3. Build on their strengths. You know the characters. They will come into their own if they step away from their famous families.
  4. To build another core couple. My readers are pretty much in agreement that their favorite couple is still Alex and Maddie. After 25 books, that is amazing. 🙂 But I wanted to take a shot at making another couple as strong as the first. Enter Maggie Ramsay and Will, the Wild Falconer. What do you think?
  5. Similarities. It will be a challenge to bring each of the seven characters to adulthood. I still have the best readers in the world, and they love my characters. I couldn’t dismiss the ones growing up. Of this group, five of them are within a year of 18. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I thought so!

So a little of the old, and a lot new…that’s my goal. 

Happy reading!