I thought I’d let you know what my plans are for 2018. 

Unfortunately for my readers, I’m not one of those organized people who can be sure of my schedule, so I don’t do pre-orders. I know readers prefer them, but I can’t seem to pin down everything I need to in order to plan a pre-order date. It takes two rounds of edits, three proofreaders, and formatting before I can get the final version uploaded to Amazon. Knowing how fast they will finish is something I cannot predict. 

So sorry, but no pre-orders for 2018 either… 🙁 

Here are my plans for 2018:

  1. The release of Highland Vengeance, Maggie’s story, and the first of my new series, Band of Cousins. She’s found the most magnificent hero, and I think you’ll love him. This will be released in the second half of January.
  2. The second in the Band of Cousins will be David’s story, son of Micheil and Diana. 
  3. Sometime next year, I plan the second in the Soulmate Chronicles.
  4. I also will release one book in a secret trilogy that is yet to be revealed. I am REALLY excited about this book because it will be a collaboration with two of your favorite authors.
  5. I suspect the other two releases will be #3 and #4 in the Band of Cousins series, as yet unnamed. I suspect Braden, Brodie and Celestina’s son, to be one of them. Not sure who the other one will be yet. 

That’s it! Six releases planned for 2018 and a new series. 

Hope you’ll follow along, and I wish you a world of happiness in 2018!

Keira Montclair