Absolutely not! 

After writing twenty-two full-length novels, I find I have a pattern to my writing. After I write three additions to the Grant and Ramsay family saga, I need to take a wee step away from them. 

I adore these two clans, but I need to refresh my muse! 

Sometimes, my muse calls for a Summerhill novel, sometimes it’s something completely different (Trusting a Highlander), but I pay attention to that muse. My writing suffers if I’m not in love with the story I’m trying to tell. 

So next up is Lauren Grant’s story in the Summerhill series. 

After that, I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple of novellas, though the topics are a secret. 

After the novellas will be the start of my new series. I’ve decided to take a group of seven from The Highland Clan and give them their own series (Maggie, Connor, Roddy, Braden, Gavin, Gregor, and David). They will join forces against a common enemy and travel together. You’ll see. If I say anything more, I’ll give too much away, and I don’t want to ruin the fun! 😉 Maggie’s story will be the first one of this series, and I’m already very excited about it. You will LOVE the hero I have bouncing around in my mind! 

When I finish with that group, then it will be time to return to The Highland Clan. And you never know. Someday, you could see another installment to the Clan Grant series. 

Just for fun, here are five more reasons why the Grant and Ramsay family saga will never come to an end: 

  1. Kenzie—I know how much you are all looking forward to his story. He has a few years to grow up yet. 
  2. Jennet—Oh, I am so looking forward to writing this story. I will have fun with this wee lass. I can’t wait! But she also must grow up. 
  3. Brigid—Logan’s baby. Need I say more?
  4. Elizabeth—Alex and Maddie’s baby before wee Maeve came along. She’s a quiet lass, much like her mother. 
  5. Rest your hearts because Alex Grant is indeed immortal.


Happy reading!