Now that I’ve sent novel #22 off to my dear editor, I can finally reflect on the wonderful week at #RWA17

Why go? Here’s why I’m glad I attended RWA 2017 in Disney World, Orlando.

  • I met the most wonderful readers—Connie, Jennifer, Tricia, Dee, Tammy, and many more. When a reader tells you they love your books so much they’ve read every last one of them, it makes sitting up at 1:00 a.m. to get the ending of your latest creation (Bethia) just right sooo worth it
  • Catching up with other writers. 
  • Meeting new friends. 
  • In Disney World, even the flowers are magical!
  • There’s nothing better than spending a couple of hours after dark laughing and sharing knowledge about Medieval times, especially when it’s with fellow writers Emma Prince and Cecelia Mecca. At Epcot, no less!
  • Every day, I’m reminded of why I love this job. Talking about heroes and heroines, villains, character arcs, and plotting energizes me. I love delving into the craft of writing. 
  • Attending workshops was a blast! Since I was once a math teacher, it’s no surprise to anyone that I love numbers. Thanks, Data Guy, for putting on my favorite workshop on writing series. 
  • Conferences often give way to new and exciting ideas for future projects. Some authors plan by the calendar year, but I find it more helpful to do so after I’ve gone to two summer conferences. All the creative juices and marketing tips are flowing. I’m so motivated!
  • The fireworks. You did hear me say Disney World, didn’t you? Did I mention we were a stone’s throw away from Epcot? IMG_0502

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Can’t wait until next year!