My wonderful editor, Angela Polidoro, used the word ‘epic’ to describe Kyla’s story. Why? Well, I can only guess, but I’ll tell you why I love this story.


Kyla’s story is about young love, but it’s about so much more. Here are five more things you’ll find in Kyla:



  1. It’s about family. Aye… It’s about loving your family, losing a family member, supporting each other during tough times, and still being able to laugh together.
  2. It’s about the honor of a Highlander. For those of you who love Highlanders the way I do, this is a story that celebrates them and reminds us of why we love them so. You’ll see (and feel) the pride of your clan and their allies as they band together to defeat a common enemy, the reward of years of hard work, and why good will triumph over evil.
  3. It’s about a strong woman or two, maybe three. You’ll watch a young lass new to womanhood struggle to protect her family, and risk everything to save someone she hardly knows. You’ll also get a new understanding of someone you have loved to hate.
  4. It’s about a young man who struggles to understand where he belongs, who has to come to terms with his mistakes and fight for the woman he loves.
  5. It’s not just about Kyla and Finlay. It’s also about Alex and Maddie; Jake, Jamie, and Connor; Nicol and Inga; Fergus; Logan and Quade Ramsay; Torrian and Kyle; Loki and Kenzie; Sorcha and Cailean; Gracie…you get the idea. And it’s about the young ones coming into adulthood: Gavin, Gregor, Roddy, Braden, Connor, Daniel, and Maggie.


I promise you’ll fall in love with Kyla and Finlay, and fall in love with Alex and Maddie all over again. You’ll also see many of your old favorite characters, and get to know the youth of the clans better.

Kyla is epic because it encompasses so many of the Grants and Ramsays you’ve grown to love…

I hope you enjoy it!