I’ve had readers refer to the endings of many of my novels, most recently Sorcha, as cliffhangers. 

Does Sorcha’s story have a cliffhanger?

In a sense, yes. But I don’t want new readers to think that nothing is settled in the story. 

Here’s how I view it. 

Sorcha’s story is about a villain threatening her life and the big braw warrior who protects her. Will you find out who the villain is before the end of this story? Will this thread and all its loose ends get tied up before the end? 

The answer to both questions is YES! 

I would never leave readers hanging about everything. But along with this central story is another story arc. This one is about the conditions in the Highlands. There are a couple of small scenes about a group that would like to take over Grant castle and put an end to Alex Grant’s reign as the strongest swordsman in the Highlands. This theme will carry into the next novel, and probably the one after that, too. 

One of my favorite story arcs settled around the Battle of Largs in 1263 in Ayr. This theme carried through Love Letters from Largs, Journey to the Highlands, and Highland Sparks. I’m plotting a similar arc twenty years later, but while the Battle of Largs was a true battle in Scottish history, this one is entirely fictional. I’ve created my own situation between rival clans and clan wars, a prominent theme in any Scottish story set in medieval times. The clans fought all the time. 

So there is a bit of a cliffhanger because of the mounting tensions in the Highlands, but I will answer all questions about the central hero/heroine. 

I guess that seems to be the way in my world in the Highlands. 

I hope you enjoy my world!

Keira Montclair