I made a decision this week that will disappoint some readers, and I am sorry. I’m not writing the sequel to The Duke and the Dressmaker. I know, I know…many of you have been waiting for it, but are you willing to go four months without another book about your favorite clan?

For most of you, the answer is no (or nay). You prefer my Highlander stories. Why? I thought I’d share the top five reasons readers have given me for why they love The Highland Clan Series and Clan Grant:


  1. The hunky Highlanders and their code of honor. Mostly alpha but some beta— it doesn’t seem to matter. Readers want their fix of dreamy Scottish men, draped in plaid and armed with swords, spouting the importance of honor. In the book and on the cover.


  1. The happy ending and the emotion. Sigh…it’s what we all want, isn’t it? Many readers have told me they love to laugh, cry, and even get angry with my characters. They’ll tolerate having their emotions ripped and shredded as long as the HEA is there. That emotion is what makes them care.


  1. Finding true love. There’s something about the journey a woman goes through to find her true love that appeals to my readers. True, some of my heroines have fought through some nasty trials, but each finds happiness with a man who’s willing to fight for her, wait for her, and encourage her. That sounds like a dream come true to me!


  1. Scotland…another sigh. The mountains, the scenery, the beaches, and the forests. What more could you want? Och, aye…let’s not forget the brogue. Though my novels are in medieval times, when Gaelic was spoken in the Highlands, we still love the thought of a Scotsman speaking in his own language, especially if he’s in a kilt. Aye.


And the number one reason readers tell me why they want more?


  1. The clan and the series. Readers love the two clans at the center of my series, and they like to find out what happens after the happily ever after. They want to know how their oldest, dearest friends are doing, and the want to see the wee ones when they grow up. That’s why I bring the same characters back over and over again. You’ll see them not only in the next novel, but also in many more. When I asked my readers what kind of series they’d like to see from me next, they said they wanted it to follow the children of the first series. The elders of the two clans also appear frequently in The Highland Clan, guiding the youth as they come of age.

       Readers just can’t get enough of Alex and Maddie Grant, or Logan and Gwyneth Ramsay. So I keep writing…and I’m pleased to say I just finished number fourteen in the clan-Molly.


So a bow and a huge thank you, readers. It’s been so much fun!


Did I miss anything?



  1. Spot on!!!!! I can’t get enough of your highlander series. My ultimate dream is to see the Grants and Ramseys as a TV series.

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