I knew Jake’s story would be special. I mean, look how the poor lad came into the world. His mother had a dagger at her throat while she was going through the trials of childbirth, the madman threatened to kill her and her twin babies, but she fought through it all. After the fool’s death, Alex did the unthinkable and sat behind her on the bed to help her deliver the two bairns. Why? He just couldn’t leave her after seeing her with a dagger at her throat. 

John Alexander Grant was born. James Alexander Grant came shortly after. 

Here’s why I enjoyed telling Jake’s story:

  1. We had to learn how Jake and Jamie were disciplined. 
  2. How did Alex teach his sons to respect women?
  3. We had to peek at Alex and Maddie’s relationship two decades later. Do you think it was still as strong? 
  4. Jake had to deal with being the son of the famous laird of the Highlands that wore the golden helm at The Battle of Largs. Could he measure up? 
  5. You’ll find out if Alex still spends his time in the parapets. 
  6. Has Alex ever been able to stop his loud voice around his dear wife when he gets upset?

You’ll find out the answer to all these questions sometime in the first two weeks of June. I’ll aim for the first week, but we’ll see!

On to Ashlyn’s story…