So I see two types of reviews on Lily. I appreciate all those who have posted a review because they adored Lily. You are my motivation!

I also appreciate those that posted reviews saying they are disappointed with Lily. Various reasons  pop up but the most common complaint is just …Lily. 

First, let me tell you that she’s not autistic, developmentally delayed, mentally challenged, or a spoiled brat. 

What is she? Well, apparently I didn’t tell her story well, because what she is to me is a lass that has been loved and cherished by a clan, the chieftain’s daughter, the clan’s pride and joy, the child who everyone loved. She’s light-hearted, a dreamer, and always positive. 

So what happened to her? 

For the first time in her life, she met the person that didn’t love her (or so he said), and she couldn’t handle it. 

Could you? If everyone treated you like a princess, could you handle the one that didn’t treat you that way being the one you love? Do you recall the times when you had crushes, the times when boys whispered about girls? There is a time when everything in your life is wonderful, until you meet that one boy who not only turns you down, he insults you in front of everyone, just as Kyle did.

How could you ever hold your head high again? KeiraMontclair_Lily_200

I’d like to tell you a couple of secrets. 

Secret #1. I thought this was my best work ever. 


Wait…you say…I just read a review saying it’s not your best, and another said it’s your worst…how could that be?

That’s right. When I sent this to my editor, I thought Lily was my best character ever. My editor did not disagree with me, nor did she think I’d made Lily too immature. None of my beta readers or proofreaders complained either. 

Secret #2. I had more fun writing this book than any other novel. I wanted to make you laugh, cry with tears of joy, and chuckle aloud over the antics of an endearing lass that was suddenly lost. 

Instead, many of you became so upset that you sent me emails, Facebook messages, and contacted me through my web page. 

At first, I took it pretty hard. I did tell you I thought it was my best work ever, didn’t I? I’ve had bad reviews before, but usually I know why. I know when there’s too much abuse, the faeries are far-fetched, the wolves are pushing it. 

But Lily? I had no idea. I was blindsided. And I still love Lily.

Fortunately, I’ve always said I have the best readers, but now I’ll say it even louder. Why? 

Because for those of you that didn’t like this book, you still say you’ll read my next book about Jake. 

How great is that? What more could a writer ask for? 

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for staying with me. 

And on the advice of my son-in-law who said something like this, “Well, (famous comedian) tried to star in a drama and bombed. Just write what you’re good at.”

So I promise never to write a humorous, light-hearted book again. I guess humor isn’t my strength. 

But I won’t change Lily. She’s my Lily.