After a reader requested the family tree for the Grants and Ramsays, I decided to post the list here. I’m hoping when I hire my assistant for the summer again that maybe she can actually do a family TREE. It is not in my skill set to do a tree on my computer so until then, you’ll have to settle with list form. I will also post a new page under Scottish for the Family Tree. 

The Grants and Ramsays in 1280.


  1. Laird Alexander Grant, and wife, Maddie (Book #1 of Clan Grant)
    1. Twin lads-James (Jamie) and John (Jake)
    2. Kyla
    3. Connor
    4. Elizabeth
  1. Brenna Grant and husband, Quade Ramsay (Book #2 of Clan Grant)
    1. Torrian (Quade’s son from first marriage) and Heather- daughter, Nellie, son (Book Two of Highland Clan)
    2. Lily (Quade’s daughter from first marriage) and Kyle (Book Three of Highland Clan)
    3. Bethia
    4. Gregor
    5. Jennet
  1. Robbie Grant and wife, Caralyn (Book #4 of Clan Grant)
    1. Ashlyn (Caralyn’s daughter from a previous relationship)
    2. Gracie (Caralyn’s daughter from a previous relationship)
    3. Rodric (Roddy)
    4. Padraig
  1. Brodie Grant and wife, Celestina (Book #3 of Clan Grant)
    1. Loki (adopted) and Arabella- son, Lucas (Book One of Highland Clan)
    2. Braden
    3. Catriona
    4. Alison
  1. Jennie Grant and husband, Aedan Cameron(Book #7 of Clan Grant)
    1.    Riley
    2.    Tara
    3.    Brin



  1. Quade Ramsay and wife, Brenna Grant (see above)
  1. Logan Ramsay and wife, Gwyneth (Book #5 of Clan Grant)
    1. Molly (adopted)
    2. Maggie (adopted)
    3. Sorcha
    4. Gavin
    5. Brigid
  1. Micheil Ramsay and wife, Diana (Book #6 of Clan Grant)
    1. David
    2. Daniel
  1. Avelina Ramsay and Drew Menzie(Book #8 of Clan Grant)
    1. Elyse
    2. Tad
    3. Tomag
    4. Maitland