I’m thrilled to say that 2015 brought me two beautiful granddaughters. How blessed I am. So what’s coming for 2016?
Well, here’s part of my plan:

1. Torrian- The Highland Clan Book Two-will be released early February.
2. Lily’s story is next. I’m hoping for release day in early April
3. Jake’s story-hopefully in June
4. A new Summerhill story- Lauren’s story. I don’t have a projected release date, but I’m hoping to release by summer.
5. Another Summerhill story for the second half of the year, though not sure who yet. It could be Mallory or Spencer. We’ll see!
6. Another Highland Clan story, but not sure which one yet. I have Ashlyn’s story plotted out, but it could be Jamie’s story or Gracie or Molly or….you see my dilemma.

So that’s SIX novels for the next year. I’d love to release another novella. I still have plans for a St. James novella- Graham’s story. Maybe later this year? I’ll try my best!

What else?
7. I’ll be attending RWA in San Diego, Ca., and hopefully will be able to join in the book signing there. Come visit!
8. I’m hoping to do a couple of other book signings this year over the summer, no locations chosen yet.

And many more giveaways!!

And I’m sure there’s even more. Can’t wait to see!

Happy Reading!