My two new granddaughters will arrive sometime this month, so I just wanted to warn you that if I disappear for a few days, I’m in the hospital with my daughter. I’ll be at her house for a couple of weeks, as I’m sure she could use a hand with TWO newborns. 

So I may skip a couple of Scottish Saturdays, or I may not post much on Facebook. Do not despair, I’ll be back. I’m still planning to write 6 books next year, so not much has changed, but I will be taking two weeks off for family and holidays. 

Lovely and talented Ashley will still be at Keira’s Highland Clan and will keep you updated. 

But I’ve checked much off my list in the last two weeks:

  1. Released Loki-YAY!
  2. Finished proofing Highland Harmony audio which will be available mid-month. Keep checking at Amazon and Audible. 
  3. Submitted Loki for audio. Will probably be available early March. 
  4. ALMOST finished Torrian’s story, but I’m still working on it. 
  5. Finished my plotline and character arcs for Lauren Grant for #3 in The Summerhill Series.

As you can see, I’m keeping busy! But I can’t wait to see my first grandbabies. 

Happy Holidays!