Oh my goodness! Finally typed THE END to Loki’s story yesterday, and did he challenge me! I chose the name Loki because it means wee “trickster,” and I can’t argue. Truth is, telling his story pulled me in so many ways, I had to ask him to PLEASE calm down. Loki, I’ll tell your story…all of it…but you have to be patient.

He’s not. But I think you all knew that about him already.

I even had friends stop in while I was in the last chapter, and they looked at me as if I were half crazed…Loki nearly did make me feel that way. And, yes, he did make me cry, too. 

But all was told as he asked by the end, and that’s what is most important. It was a difficult story to tell because it is the start of my new series, but I am happy with it. The lad has quite a history. 

But I think you knew that, too.

So I sent Loki’s story off to my editor. It will be probably be the first of December before it reaches your hands, though I’d love to have it ready for Thanksgiving. We’ll see!

Happy reading!