Week 4 was all about the Ramsay bairns and the reasons that we love them so. Torrian, Lily, Mollie and Maggie were among the favorites, with Torrian taking the cake above all other Ramsay bairns. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of your responses. I love catching a glimpse of the characters through the eyes of my readers, so thank you for playing along with my Fan of the Week fun!

This week’s winner had such kind words to say about Torrian: “Torrian because he has suffered the most but has kept a kind and loving heart. He did not hold a grudge or ever say “why me?” He showed courage and strength by becoming the thoughtful, loving young man. He never questioned why he was hidden away when Lily was able to stay at the keep. He is a very impressive young man and will make a strong, just and caring laird some day.” ~Dawn