I’m always super excited to finish a novel and send it off to my editor, but then comes the dilemma. Now what do I write? Rarely do I take a day off between books, so I have to get right at it. 

So I just finished Avelina and Drew’s story, Novel #8 in the Clan Grant Series and the last…for now. Never say never! It is open to add to just in case a long lost cousin shows up, but for now, on to something else. My choices?

1. Start my new series about the bairns of the Grants and Ramsays. This is top choice and it probably will begin with Loki’s story. I have around twenty bairns to choose from (at last count) so this could go in so many directions. I am starting it in the year 1280. 

2. Write #3 of The Summerhill Series. I love the Finger Lakes, but….this is not selling. Do I stick with it or give it up and write what I know readers love? I think I would like to write at least one more before I give up on this series. They are Grants and Ramsay descendants, you all know that, right? They’re family. 

3. Write the second in the St. James Series. This is a tough one. I love Philip and Sara, and I had some big plans for the Dowager, but…it does not sell. Thanks to all that have asked for the next book. At least I know someone liked this book! But it isn’t on my list in the near future.  But, I never say never…

4. Now, Avelina’s story is the first novel I have written with a faerie in it. You know, I enjoyed my journey with the fae. it. In fact, I now have a few faerie yarns spinning…

But that would be another series. Not now. Maybe someday. 

Final decision?? I’m off to start Loki Grant’s story and my new series. I think you’re going to love it.