It is Week 31902920_711562972216275_2670319671545789572_n of Fan Friday Fun! You may already know that I have a special place in my heart for dogs. Growing up, we welcomed close to 10 dogs into our home over the years. 

I will never forget our Collie, Thaddeus, my favorite (although the others would never know I had a favorite). He was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. He actually reminded me of Lassie! Thaddeus was always so calm, despite the bustling household of children. And he chose me to follow around, day in and day out. He brought an instant smile to my face. I guess that’s why I felt the importance of including important 4 legged characters in my novels.

 So, our Week 3 question is related to these special animals…What is the name of the Scottish Deerhound in my novels and what bairn do you think he helped the most? To respond, click here. Enjoy!