So I have lots of exciting things happening this summer, so don’t be upset if I disappear for a couple of days here and there. Here’s my list.

1. Release of THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE HIGHLANDS, Jennie’s story, one that I absolutely loved writing. Why? Because it is so much about the love of the clan and family. It’s back with the Grants, and the bonds between many of the family members are truly tested-Maddie and Alex, Jennie and Alex, Loki and Jennie. I hope to bring you many smiles of satisfaction by the time you reach the end of the story. You’ll have it before July 15th.

2. Next, I’ll start Avelina’s story, and it has to be a BIG one. It’s the end of the series! I’ll probably cry all the while I write it. I shed a few tears writing Jennie’s story. Let me know if you do…

3. The next series will be the children of the Grants and Ramsays. There are so many bairns that I decided they deserve their own series. The top choices amongst readers so far in my poll? Torrian, Lily, Loki, and Ashlyn. Not sure what order I’m going in yet…you’ll have to be surprised.

4. I’m taking a trip to Conesus Lake in the Finger Lakes for research for my Summerhill Series. I plan to visit some wineries there and do a book-signing. Fun, Fun, FUN!

5. I’m off to the RWA conference in New York City in mid-July. I love conferences. I learn so much, get great ideas, and meet wondeful new friends. All of this is great for my writing.

I also have my new assistant starting with me this week. So excited about that. It should give me MORE writing time. 

Hope you have some relaxation planned for your summer. 

Have a great one!