I had a blast in Dallas at RT Conventions. Learned lots, met many new friends, and have new plans. So here’s what you can expect to see for the summer!

1. A FRESH START FOR TWO will be out toward the end of this month. I love Jake and Julia, I hope you do, too. I have a favorite scene in this novel between Jake, his brother Ryan, and the character you haven’t met yet, Gram. I think you’ll love her!

2. Starting in June, I will have a new assistant working with me, and I can’t wait. She will definitely help me out in the social media area, along with getting my Summerhill Series available on audio. The good news for you is that I’ll have MORE time to write, and that is exciting to me, also.

I’m actually taking a week’s vacation in June. Back to the Charleston area that I love!

3. In July, I hope to release Jennie’s story. You can guess that Alex Grant is not going to let his baby sister go to just anyone, and I’ll let you in on a hint: she won’t be verra happy with her brother. 

Also in July, MY DESPERATE HIGHLANDER will be released in audio by Tantor Media.

I  will be visiting the Finger Lakes region in Western New York, and plan to write quite a bit of my third novel in the Summerhill Series while I am there. 

I also have another big conference in July. BUSY month. 

No special plans yet for August. I won’t release Summerhill #3 until late September. Maybe I’ll find time to squeeze in a novella. I know I have promised one for the St. James Series. 

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, if you live in the US. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer planned!

Keira Montclair