I’m so excited to be attending my first RT Convention. I’m not sure what to expect, but this is what I’m hoping for:

1. Meet readers- old and new. Please come up and talk to me! Would love to meet you. 

2. Give away some books, free, signed, yep. Did not sign up in time to do the Saturday book signing, but I will be at Club RT on Thursday.

3. Network with other authors. Meet some new friends, catch up with old friends. 

4. Find out what’s going on in the publishing biz. I’m so isolated self-publishing. I can’t wait to learn more. 

5. Learn from the experts-contemporary, indie, historical. Love to learn something new!

6. Enjoy Dallas! My first time.

7. Write 10,000 words of Jennie’s story. Yeah, may not get there, but workshops don’t start until 10 am. I’m hopeful.

8. Proofread A FRESH START FOR TWO-Jake’s story. It’s almost ready!

9. Relax and have fun. 

Can’t wait!