I’m so excited to announce the release of my SUMMERHILL SERIES starting with ONE SUMMERHILL DAY the first week of March. 

THE SUMMERHILL SERIES is about descendants of the Grant clan and the Ramsay clan in my Highlander novels. The fun part of this series is that in each novel, you’ll see a soul similar to one in my Highlander series. It’s your job to figure out the soul MATCH for one character in each contemporary novel. There will also be one guardian angel brought forward from Scotland in each novel. You never know who it will be!

The series is set in a fictional lake, Orenda Lake, in the Finger Lakes of western New York. The Finger Lakes is a beautiful area full of wineries, swimming, boating, cottages, you name it. There are twelve siblings and step-siblings in the Grant-Ramsay family, so I hope to tell all twelve of their stories. How exciting!

I hope you enjoy it!

Keira Montclair