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Join the thousands of readers who have fallen in love with the Grant and Ramsay clans in my medieval Scotland family saga full of romance and suspense. The journey begins with the Clan Grant series, which brings you the stories of the five Grant siblings and four Ramsay siblings.

The Highland Clan series, set thirteen years later, tells the stories of the descendants of both clans. You’ll see the children grow up and find love and adventure in the Highlands of Scotland with the guidance of the elders from the Clan Grant series.
Read what others have said about the Clan Grant Series:

Amazon customer says: A(n) absolute total family saga with heartache, hardships and love that endures it all. You will be so taken with all the characters in this series that on some level you will feel like you know them personally, they are that genuine.

Megan A. says: Amazing series. Every one of the books hold a special place in my heart… What I also love about these stories is that it includes the characters that you fall in love with throughout the series. 

RESCUED BY A HIGHLANDER is the first in The Clan Grant series. 

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